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Hopefully, the "chaos" is a good thing--you see, I'm moving in a couple weeks!

 Been living in this same house for over 13 years (that's the longest I've ever lived in the same place--my life has been one of many moves prior to this one), so, pretty rooted and settled in this place.

 Well, not anymore...the place is filled with boxes--some already full, many still empty waiting to be filled.  And furniture is re-arranged everywhere--painting some rooms, replacing carpeting in others where it's too worn, or the dog used it for her *puke-atorium*--dog bile just doesn't clean up very well!  Have to get the old place ready for selling.

 So, every time something goes missing (that I forgot to set aside as being needed currently), I have to sift through multiple boxes--digging down one pile, then another, until I find the missing item!  I would say *not the most organized* of moves, if moving can ever be organized!

 So my postings here, or on the Radified Forums may be somewhat limited for the next 4-8 weeks--depends on how many boxes I have to search through to find my life again!

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