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About Rad!!!

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Okay--so this thing is live!

So--got an email from Rad a few weeks ago.  Went something like this--

"Hey, NightOwl, I've got this new open source version of *Movable Type*.  Says I can have as many separate authors as I want.  Don't know exactly how that works, but sure want to give it a try!  Are you interested?"

I respond saying:  "Sure, I can give it a try--I don't know anything about blogging or the software--is there a way I can play around with it and get used to its features first?

Rad says:  "No problem--let me get the thing set up and I'll get back to ya!"

The next thing I see is Rad's announcement in his blog on 12.March.2008 about my new blog here that he has set up for me!!!  See here: or here:  (By the way, Rad, nice picture of the owl and the full moon--we just had one on Friday!

And, he posted the blog in the Radified Community Forums as well --

 So much for *playing around with it* to get used to how it all works!!!

Shades of a couple years ago when I was visiting the Radified Community Forums on a Sunday afternoon, and when I logged on, my forum layout had suddenly changed--I now had added functiions at the top and bottom of my screen that I had never seen before!!!  Now that was interesting--Rad must be changing the forum layout.

Later that day I get an email from Rad:  " Hey, NightOwl--I've been playing the the forum software--I've made you a *Moderator*--do you want to be one?!"

"Ah,... sure Rad--why not!!!"

So, just a friendly warning about Rad--he's often one step ahead of me....

Test, test.  1, 2, 3.... can you hear me?  Is this thing on?!

 Test, test.  1, 2, 3.... are we live yet?

First test post - NightOwl's new blog (MTOS v4.1).

Let's see if this puppy works.

Here we go.

Publish now!

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