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Okay--so this thing is live!

So--got an email from Rad a few weeks ago.  Went something like this--

"Hey, NightOwl, I've got this new open source version of *Movable Type*.  Says I can have as many separate authors as I want.  Don't know exactly how that works, but sure want to give it a try!  Are you interested?"

I respond saying:  "Sure, I can give it a try--I don't know anything about blogging or the software--is there a way I can play around with it and get used to its features first?

Rad says:  "No problem--let me get the thing set up and I'll get back to ya!"

The next thing I see is Rad's announcement in his blog on 12.March.2008 about my new blog here that he has set up for me!!!  See here:   http://mt4.radified.com/2008/03/first-multi-blog-movable-type-open-source-mtos.html or here: http://radified.com/index2.html  (By the way, Rad, nice picture of the owl and the full moon--we just had one on Friday!

And, he posted the blog in the Radified Community Forums as well -- http://radified.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1205263770

 So much for *playing around with it* to get used to how it all works!!!

Shades of a couple years ago when I was visiting the Radified Community Forums on a Sunday afternoon, and when I logged on, my forum layout had suddenly changed--I now had added functiions at the top and bottom of my screen that I had never seen before!!!  Now that was interesting--Rad must be changing the forum layout.

Later that day I get an email from Rad:  " Hey, NightOwl--I've been playing the the forum software--I've made you a *Moderator*--do you want to be one?!"

"Ah,... sure Rad--why not!!!"

So, just a friendly warning about Rad--he's often one step ahead of me....

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