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Guide to Creating a Bootable CD or DVD Without a Floppy Drive




I am not the creator of any of the programs or files in this guide. Any licensing requirements, trademarks, etc. are owned by the original creator of each program or file. I am a user only. Any program bugs, or incompatibilities with your hardware or other software should be addressed to the original software creators.

I can only vouch that I have used these softwares on my available personal computer hardware. The procedures worked, and caused no harm to my system's software or hardware. I have used the procedures on both a WinXP Pro OS and a Win98se OS. Not all programs may work on both WinXP and Win98se--where I am aware of this, I will mention it.

The software drivers may not work with your particular hardware. Often, subsitute drivers can be found. But you may have to make modifications to the instructions in this Guide to make them work.

Always use caution when downloading files from the Internet. Scan for viruses.

It is always prudent computing practice to make backups of your important data before installing new software and/or making changes to your OS, or following instructions like these from some stranger on the Internet!


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