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Guide to Creating a Bootable CD or DVD Without a Floppy Drive

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Creating Bootable CD/DVD's Without A:\Floppy Drive

This step-by-step guide makes it easy to create a bootable CD or DVD either *with* or *without* a floppy drive.

Another title for this guide could have been 'A Guide to Using WinImage', being as that is the key program that will allow creating a bootable CD or DVD without A:\ floppy drive.

Did your PC come without a floppy drive?  This streamlined configuration is becoming more common, especially on laptops. But a computer
sans floppy can make it difficult to create a bootable CD or DVD, because many of the programs that create bootable discs will ask for the boot files via a floppy disk inserted into the floppy drive. 

This guide teaches you the mojo on how to create a bootable CD or DVD without a floppy drive.

I prefer using bootable CD's because they boot much faster than floppy disks. I developed this method while researching how best to create custom boot files and add them to a CD containing the DOS-based version of  Norton Ghost, so I wouldn't have to use the Windows-interface version, which I find less reliable for creating and restoring back-up images.

So, even if your system *does* contain a floppy drive, I think you will glean some helpful insights about creating bootable CD/DVD's. So I encourage you to review the material.

If you wish to jump right in and get busy, bypassing further background information, skip to Project #1 now.

This Guide will be organized into 5 different Projects, as described below.  

Project #1 is a 'Standard Ghost Bootable CD/DVD--on Steroids'.

Project #2 will be a 'Standard Ghost Bootable CD/DVD with the 'Panasonic USB Drivers'.

Project #3 will be a 'Standard Ghost Bootable CD/DVD with Menu to select:

  • a. 'No USB Support',
  • b. Panasonic USB Support, or
  • c. Norton Ghost's USB Support.

Project #4 will be a 'Utility Bootable CD/DVD Disc' which will allow you to have Ghost, PartitionMagic, Fdisk, and other DOS Utility Programs available on a bootable CD that is Menu driven like #3 above.

Project #5 will be 'Using Ghost's Two Disk Floppy Boot Set to Create a Single Bootable CD or DVD disc'.

I will continue to develop this page, so bookmark it so you can return periodically to see the next NightOwl project.  

Notice: This Guide is still under development. So expect to see changes in the format and layout. But the functional information in Project #1 is complete, and will allow you to proceed.


This guide is primarily designed to be a companion guide to Rad's  Guide to Norton Ghost with emphasis on the Ghost 2003 version. But I'm sure it can be applied to earlier Ghost versions as well. And it has many other possible, interesting applications if you use any other DOS utilities such as PartitionMagic, Microsoft's Fdisk, a Disk Editor, etc.

Project #1 is the foundation of this Guide. You need to understand the basics of using the program WinImage in order to create a bootable CD or DVD. All the other 'Projects' will build from this basic foundation.

Disclaimers:  Some words about 'Safe Computing'!

So--you do not have a floppy drive, and maybe you want to... :   Here's a list of reasons you may want to try this Guide!  

Okay, so possible solutions by the numbers, from easiest to less easy:  To avoid this Guide--install a floppy disk drive!

So Why Is Following This Guide 'Less Easy' Than Some Other Solutions:


  1. it involves using several programs to achieve the final results,

  2. you have to download some programs and files,

  3. you have to follow multiple steps (I will try to make them as clear as possible),

  4. if you want to get more creative with customized boot menus, etc., the complexity increases, and you may have to understand DOS Commands to achieve your purpose.

So, this is not a single program with a 'One Button' solution that creates the final result for you with a single 'Click'!

Project #1:   Starts Here!

Page 1:   Standard Ghost Boot CD/DVD--on Steroids!  This is a brief description of Project #1.

Page 2:   Programs and Files You Need:  You need to get setup before you proceed by downloading the necessary files and programs.

Page 3:   The Step-by-Step instructions on making the 'Standard Ghost Boot CD/DVD--on Steroids' without a A:\ floppy drive!

Did you see the possibilities using WinImage?!
Without having a floppy drive, you can download probably any of the floppy boot disk (.exe) files on designed to create a floppy boot disk, use WinImage to open the 'hidden' floppy boot image file inside that '.exe' program file, and use that image file to create an '.IMA' CD/DVD boot sector image file that your burning program can use to create a bootable CD or DVD!

All, without ever needing a floppy drive!  Laptop users--are you paying attention?!

Now, in Project #1 above, I modified those boot files to be specific for use with Ghost, but you can use those floppy boot disk files from for creating any of those boot disks on CD or DVD, as is, without modifications.

Project #2 thru #5
 :  (Under Development)

Additional Resources:

As all things Windows (and DOS), there is usually more than one alternate way to accomplish a similar task. The following Google search and links may offer alternate approaches to creating bootable CD's or DVD's:

Pre-defined Google search:  Creating a bootable CD without a floppy drive.

               Other resources:
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                                         Bart's PE Builder

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