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Guide to Creating a Bootable CD or DVD Without a Floppy Drive



Okay, so possible solutions by the numbers,
from easiest to less easy:

  1. If you want the 'easiest' solution--do whatever it takes to install a floppy disk drive on your system. Most programs designed to make bootable floppies and/or bootable CD/DVD are geared towards having a floppy drive present.

  2. With Ghost 2003, it has a built-in routine that will create a bootable CD/DVD when you create and save an image to optical media directly from within the Ghost program. This functionality works from both the Windows interface for Ghost, as well as the Ghost's DOS program (but for the DOS Ghost Interface--you have to have a floppy drive to boot from in order to use the DOS Ghost Interface to create bootable optical media). If Ghost recognizes your optical writer, Ghost has the ability to create bootable optical media with the Ghost program on it.

    I believe this feature has made most users happy enough, and you do not see nearly as many users asking how to create bootable CD/DVD's any longer.

    But here's the downside to this option:

    1. as mentioned earlier, Ghost does not include Mouse support on the bootable CD/DVD it creates (a minor, but irritating point),

    2. you can only use Ghost's built-in drivers and capabilities--so for instance, if your USB external hard drive is not supported, you're out of luck,

    3. if you wanted to create a customized boot sequence that automats some of Ghost's abilities, you can not do this with Ghost's built-in bootable CD/DVD disk routine.

  3. Find a second computer system with a floppy drive and optical writer on it. Create the desired boot floppies, and then use a CD/DVD burning program, like Nero or Roxio, that can use these floppies to burn them to optical media, and make CD/DVD's bootable. But this gets complicated if this second computer system does not have Ghost 2003 on it already, and you're asking to use someone else's system!

  4. So, if the above solutions have not solved your needs, then there is this guide! Read on--even if you have a floppy drive, I think you will find some interesting information that will apply to other aspects of creating bootable CD/DVD's.

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