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Guide to Creating a Bootable CD or DVD Without a Floppy Drive


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Project #1

Programs and Files You Need

Before downloading, I am going to recommend that you create the following file directory structure so you can follow my steps:

Create the following file directory and subdirectories tree:

Screen Shot: Project Directory Tree.

So the main folder is 'Bootable CD Project'.

Subdirectories under the main folder are: Boot Image, Downloads, Extracted Files, WinImage.

And subdirectories under 'Downloads' are: Mouse (Microsoft), Win98se OEM Boot Disk, WinImage.

Like this, if this helps:

C:\Bootable CD Project
         |_Boot Image
         |      |_Mouse (Microsoft)
         |      |_Win98se OEM Boot Disk
         |      |_WinImage
         |_Extracted Files

  1. Download the following to their respective 'Downloads' subdirectories:

    1. WinImage

      Download: Here or Here

      WinImage is a slick program--it appears to be the 'Swiss Army Knife' regarding not just reading boot image files, but also has the ability to create boot sector files that can be transferred to optical media making the media bootable! WinImage works not only with image files that are designed for optical media, but also works with boot image files that are designed to create boot floppy disks as well!

      It is the 'key' program for creating custom bootable CD/DVD bootable disks--especially without a floppy drive!

      This is a 'Shareware' program. You get 30 actual days to try it, not 30 days from the date you first use the program.

    2. Win98se OEM Boot disk

      Download: Here

    3. :  Put this in the 'Mouse (Microsoft)' subdirectory.

      Download:  The first '' listed at the above link.

  2. You will need a CD/DVD burning program. The most common and popular ones are from Nero, and Roxio. Other CD/DVD burning programs will probably work if they have the option to create a bootable CD/DVD, but I have no experience with those.

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