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Guide to Creating a Bootable CD or DVD Without a Floppy Drive


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Project #1

Standard Ghost Boot CD/DVD--on Steroids!

If you wish to jump right in and get busy, bypassing further background information, skip to 'Programs and Files You Need' now.

So, why am I calling this the 'Standard Ghost Boot CD/DVD--on Steriods!' ?

For the following reasons:

  1. If you run Ghost from the Windows interface and save an image to optical media, Ghost will automatically create a bootable disc for you if you select that option. The disc will boot fine and load Ghost, but you will not get the DOS mouse driver loaded--so no mouse support using Ghost.

    You can use the 'arrow' and 'tab' keys to navigate okay in Ghost, but it's such an irritation that Symantec designed the program with this 'flaw' present!

    This bootable CD/DVD will have mouse support.

  2. The default DOS OS that comes with Ghost is PC-DOS. The Norton Ghost Boot Wizard has the option of adding the MS-DOS  files to the Boot Wizard so you can elect to use MS-DOS in place of PC-DOS. But the only way to add those files is by putting an appropriate boot floppy disk in drive A:\ or B:\. So you are out of luck if you want the MS-DOS files and have no floppy drive.

    This bootable CD/DVD will use MS-DOS, and no floppy drive is required.

  3. If you are using the Standard Ghost Boot Disk (floppy disk) to boot to DOS and load Ghost, you can only access Ghost image files on optical media that were burned directly by Ghost to the optical media. Ghost must add some embedded coding that allows this.

    But if you create a Ghost image and save it to the hard drive first, and then burn it to optical media later for archiving using some other burning program such as Nero, the Standard Ghost Boot Disk will not mount the image from that optical media.

    This bootable CD/DVD will be able to read Ghost image files regardless of whether they were burned to optical media directly by Ghost, or were burned later from a hard drive image file by a third party burning program.

  4. In 3 above, in order to read Ghost image files that have been burned to optical media by a program other than Ghost, you need to use the 2 floppy boot disk set created by the Norton Ghost Boot Wizard, 'CD/DVD Startup Disk with Ghost' . This 2 disk set has the necessary DOS drivers to mount and assign drive letters to your optical drives that allow Ghost to read image files created by other burning programs. But, a 2 disk boot set can be harder to add to a bootable CD/DVD.

    This bootable CD/DVD will use an image file the size of a single 1.44 MB floppy disk.

So, this bootable CD/DVD will (a) have mouse support, (b) use MS-DOS files, (c) be able to read Ghost image files on optical media even if Ghost did not burn them directly to the optical media, and (d) fit in an image file the size of a single floppy drive--that's why I'm calling this project the  'Standard Ghost Boot CD/DVD--on Steriods!'

Page 2Programs and Files You Need:  You need to get setup before you proceed, and download the necessary files and programs.

Page 3Step-by-step instructions on making the 'Standard Ghost Boot CD/DVD--on Steroids' without a A:\ floppy drive!

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