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Guide to Creating a Bootable CD or DVD Without a Floppy Drive




So--you do not have a floppy drive,
and maybe you want to...

  • create one of the boot disks offered in the Norton Ghost Boot Wizard. But you discover five menu screens into the Wizard that it will only create floppy boot disks to drive A:\ or B:\!
  • use MS-DOS instead of PC-DOS files, but without the floppy drive, you can not add the MS-DOS files to Ghost using the Boot Wizard because it requires reading a floppy boot disk that has the MS-DOS files on it.
  • transfer a Ghost image that you created to your hard drive initially, and now you want to burn that image to CD or DVD. And you also would like it to be bootable with the Ghost program available. So you start a CD/DVD burning program such as Nero, or Roxio, and when you select the menu item 'File|New Project|Bootable Disc', the program asks for the bootable floppy disk. Well, that wont work!
Alternatively, you can select to use a bootable floppy disk image--but you do not have an image file of a boot floppy disk for Ghost either!
  • create a custom boot disk to load drivers not included with the Ghost program.  For instance, you want Mouse support on the bootable Ghost CD/DVD that Ghost creates--but (for unexplained reasons) Ghost's routine that creates a bootable CD/DVD , leaves Mouse support off the bootable CD/DVD!

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