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Guide to Creating a Bootable CD or DVD Without a Floppy Drive



Possible General Settings
for Other Burning Programs

General Burning Settings: Based on using Roxio's programs, I suspect that the critical settings in any burning program that can create bootable optical discs are:

  1. Being able to select the 'bootcdp1.ima' file as the source.

  2. Select 'Floppy Disc Emulation (1.44 MB).

    You may have to check on 'Advanced Settings' if they are available. My default settings which worked fine were:

    Load Segent: 0x7c0
    Sector Count: 1

  3. File System--'Joliet'

  4. And when selecting 'type of burning', select 'Read Only Disc', 'Finalize Disc', 'Mode 1' , or something to that effect. You can not have a bootable CD unless it's finalized, and it can not be set up to support 'multi-sessions.

    (If it's a re-writeable disc, even though you burn a 'Finalized Disc', you still can erase it, and use it again--you just can't use it again until you erase it.

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