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Guide to Creating a Bootable CD or DVD Without a Floppy Drive



Using Roxio v6.xx

Roxio's Creator Classic v6.xx added the ability to create both CD and DVD bootable discs.

The interface and general steps are the same as v7.xx, but with some 'menu name' changes and minor settings differences.

In the 'Choose Type of Bootable Disc' dialog box, there is an 'Advanced' setting button, click it and make sure 'Load Segment' is set to '0x7c0', and 'Sector Count' is set to '1':

Screen Shot: 'Choose Type of Bootable Disc'.

Some menu changes:  'File|Project Settings' in v7.xx is 'File|Project Properties in v6.xx.

Under the 'General' tab, there are two additional choices not in v7.xx. They are under 'Physical format of disc' and they are:

  • Mode 1: CDROM (CD is Finalized)
  • Mode 2: CDROMXA (For Multi-session CD) 

One should select 'Mode 1' for a bootable CD.

And instead of the  'Exclude file types' tab of v7.xx, it is 'File Filter' in v6.xx. Under 'Add Files', I selected 'All Files', and I did not check either box at the bottom, so:

  • leave unchecked 'Do not add Hidden files'
  • leave unchecked 'Do not add System files'

Other than those items mentioned above, you should be able to use the outline for Roxio v7.xx in Step #11, Page 3 of the Step-by-Step Instructions here:

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